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7 SOLID SEO Tips on Ranking Your Birmingham Business Higher in Google (2018 Guide)

How can you reach potential consumers and encourage them to
do business with you in Birmingham?

While there are several advertising platforms that you can use to attain this objective, it is also imperative to consider where your potential clients are looking.

Nowadays, a considerable number of consumers
first turn to their mobile devices when looking for a service or product.  They just key in the related keywords plus the types of service or product that they want into a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo, and then scan the results to find out what their nearest options are.

This essentially means that if you want to attract new clients
to your Birmingham venture, you need to rank highly in Birmingham SEO search results. And the most effective way to achieve this is through an effective local SEO approach!

Although national SEO is important, the viability of nearby SEO cannot be underestimated. It is a necessary and powerful part of online marketing because search patterns are changing and customers are now searching mostly using their smartphones.

Local SEO basically refers to promoting your business to
customers within a certain geographic area. Optimising your site for geographically related searches is critical for small businesses today. 

According to a recent survey, at least 50 percent of consumers who do local searches on their phones usually end up at a store within 24 hours in one way or another. 

So if your business doesn’t rank well in your locality, you could be losing out big to your competition.

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Why local SEO makes sense for Birmingham Businesses

Initially, local SEO was only effective for businesses such
as plumbers and general contractors.

However, more recently, other businesses have also recognised the benefits if this type of marketing. According to Google, 4 out of every 5 customers use search engines to find local businesses.And local searches usually lead to more conversions than non-local searches.

What does this mean for you?

Potential customers who are ready to buy are always searching for you locally. So whether you are part of a global restaurant chain or own one-of a kind brick and motor store in Birmingham, it would not hurt to be ranked highly for local searches that both locals and
visitors like to use.

It tends to lead to increased web traffic and ultimately
more sales. 

Here are 7 actionable tips to help your business rank well and
convert more local searches into real sales

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1. Keep your NAP Updated and On the Home Page

Accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone) details are important so
that search engines can easily locate your physical address and then display it in local search results. 

To improve your NAP data here are some important aspects
to keep in mind:

Have the correct business name, phone number and address on
your site and other online locations where the business contact information is present.

 Mention the NAP data on your home page. For instance, you can display prominently the business phone number and name as a sticky header on top of the home page. It is also a good idea to display the company address in the footer.

Create accurate NAP listings on various authority sites
like Google My Business, Yellow Pages, BBB, FourSquare, Yelp, Linkedln and Manta.

 Make sure you use the exact same details in the same format
in all your business listings online

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2.-Engage with Customers on Social Media

Although social media’s effect on local SEO has been a controversial debate for a while now, there is absolutely no doubt that effective social media engagement can drive consumers to your website and eventually to your door. 

Social media is a very powerful part of the consumer journey and you can use it to show the world what to expect at your product or service. 

A solid social media presence often intertwines with a strong engagement, great content, authority and relevance.

So develop an effective social media strategy and implement
it in full. 

Also, how you engage with customers online sets a perception of your overall service. 

Make sure you engage with followers and reply to questions
promptly. Find your target audience then engage them and get them to influence other customers on your behalf.

Similarly, it is almost impossible to do a Google search and
not see rating scores and reviews in the results. 

Reviews form an important aspect of social media marketing and are a great engagement tactic. What’s more they have a bigger effect on the traffic to your site via search results pages too!

Through a structured data mark up approach, you can have star
ratings of your eatery appear in search results providing another appealing reason for users to click to your website and find out more about your business.

Check out this video for some great tips on Social Media Marketing.

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3. Invest in great content and content localisation

Any local SEO approach today without solid content as well
as content localisation is bound to fail. You can take that to the bank! 

If go through the top search results in any industry you will rarely see useless content that is keyword stuffed. Google and other search engines have made strong and relevant content very essential for better rankings. You want to showcase content that is really important and useful. 

So make sure that any content you post offers value to visitors and it’s unique. Even if your business is a franchise, don’t re-use text from your corporate websites or any other locations. Google sees this as copied content and may penalise you which will ultimately affect your ranking negatively.

Also, consistently and frequently adding new content to your site will help it rank better on local search results as well as give potential customers a reason to trust your business.

 A good way to approach this is through a site blog. Here you can post news, specials or any other content regularly which you can then share on various social media platforms.

Check out this video below for some great ideas on content you can create for your website.


Also, don’t forget about content localisation. Depending on
your market area, ensure you provide more than enough context and cues to search engines and visitors so as to ensure your business ranks where it is supposed to rank. 

Some out of town customers and search engines don’t clearly understand the unofficial names of areas and neighbourhoods. By posting content that is directly related to the local community and doesn’t assume that everybody knows your location, you can help your business rank higher.


You can tackle this by starting small with a paragraph that
describes the location and is tailored to the store, the history of the
neighborhood as well as community engagement. Other tips to providing quality content include

Go for quality instead of quantity: All top 10 Google search results usually have at least 2000 words.That’s at least according to SERPIQ. This essentially means that instead of creating thousands of short posts; go for long in depth posts on specific topics.


Visual content: Human beings are more likely to share GIFs, videos and images than plain text. It is our nature.

There are several websites that offer free videos and images that you can use in your content.


Repurpose content: After creating an article, repurpose it into presentations, eBooks, info-graphics and so on. This will spread the content considerably.


Have a keyword localised strategy:
Do you have a keyword strategy? This is essential because it is what most searchers use to find data in search engines. Now, every business has keywords that are associated with them. This includes things like business names, product names, package or service details or specific brand names.


These keywords should be on the metadata of every page on your site. This can be page titles which show up as links and point to your site from search results. 

You can also use the keywords in the textual content or within the body of the content. Make sure you use them in an organic way and ensure they are consistently reflected throughout the website.

 Another place you can use the keywords is on the Meta description. 

This is what usually shows up below the site link in Google search results and tells your visitors what the site is

Here is an example of a good Meta description for a website

4. Update Citations and optimise your Google Maps

Google Maps is a favourite application for many leisure and business travellers alike, so if your business is in that category, it certainly needs to be there. If travellers miss you on the map, you are going to miss out on their business. So claim your Google Map listing today and you will be glad you did! And it is very easy with Google My Business!

This will not only enhance your SEO Birmingham exposure, but
it will also allow you to manage how the business appears on Maps. 

What’s more, visitors will be able to view the venture’ location plus the interior and exterior photos of the premises if you have any online. And that’s all that travel shoppers value!

Additionally, citations can also enhance your ranking on
various search engines. Citations are basically mentions of your business name and address on other webpages even if there is no link to your site. 

A good example of an online citation is a yellow page directory where your business is listed, but not necessarily linked to. Other factors notwithstanding, eateries with more citations tend to rank higher than those with fewer citations.

Here is a example of what a good citation would look like on Yelp.

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5-Build local links and encourage reviews

Another important factor in local SEO optimisation you
should consider is organic links on authority websites that point to your website.

Try to get links from various sites that make sense of your business. For example, if your city has a tourism association, it will be a good idea to link your restaurant or club on their site. Also, do some research of some related businesses,
festivals, arts and clubs and build good relationships with them to generate quality backlinks to your site. 

You can also contact popular bloggers, well-being
sites, and travel sites to post photos online and mention your business on their various online platforms. You can also get them to do positive reviews and add links to your site.

A good idea would be to list your business on the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce which would provide you with a very powerfull backlink to your website and instantly add credibility to potential new customers

For more information on backlinks and how they can help you, watch this great video.

6. Dominate local Searches

Start by optimising listings and standardising data for your
business across all relevant and major local search platforms.

This includes search engine directories, industry related directories and social media sites. This is a great way to ensure that potential customers find you when they need you. Because most reputable local business directories do their own verification, local listings build authority with several citations
of your NAP details.

Include comprehensive NAP details and where possible add videos and photos to enhance your profile listings. Also do not forget niche directories like Zomato. 

All this will work to grow your online visibility significantly.


.Watch this awesome video below for some killer tips

Optimise locally for Voice search with a mobile friendly site

Having a responsive site design is now more important than
ever. Google is aware that consumers are increasingly using mobile devices for local searches. So to offer a better search experience they added a mobile friendly design to their ranking algorithm. 

This means you need to ensure your site is not only easy to navigate on various devices, but also looks its best.

In addition, voice search is also on the rise. This has a
direct effect on your local SEO ranking as people are now searching more via voice than with typing, thanks to mobile devices’ continued surge in usage as well as virtual personal assistants becoming more popular. 

Similarly, according to search engine watch, local mobile voice searches are three times more than text based searches.

This only means that structuring your site and content so
that it responds to various queries promptly in a verbal way can go a long way in helping your site rank better for clients using voice search to look for location specific businesses.

Closing words

SEO is an important aspect of enhancing your business’s online
visibility in Birmingham. 

Fortunately for small business owners and entrepreneurs,
optimising your site doesn’t need serious technical skills or deep knowledge. 

By keeping in mind the above tips, you will be on your way to ranking higher in Birmingham. Of course, if you do business in a competitive area, want to get the best possible results or you don’t have the time, you can hire a professional SEO company in
Birmingham to help.

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